HOW TO FEIGN BLAZERS 101 SlideShow Example

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Hello feigns this is going to be my first real journal entry on my blog. As the month of March comes to an end I am feigning for BLAZERS!
Side note: all Blazers used in the making of this slideshow are from The Goodwill, yay The Goodwill.
” This Slideshow is intended to shed some light on a well known staple piece the blazer. Blazers can be difficult to wear simply because when you hear blazer you automatically think prep school or job interview at least I do anyways.
This is how this blog entry was inspired.
Here I am showing you 3 different looks using three different blazers. I added a little bit of text for visual purposes. In Cleveland Spring is slowly rolling in and it is the perfect time to utilize those beautiful blazers in the closet.I hope you take from this entry that “the joy of dressing is an art.”(John Galliano)

*Outfit #1 consists of a dark purple button down blazer I paired that with a black beaded button down (also from the goodwill $4.00) and a pair of dark high waisted skinny jeans which I made sure to cuff for extra style effects.Because the color of the blazer is so loud I decided I should throw on a couple of multi-color bracelets to off set it. Just like that we have cool calm collective! Me personally I would wear this look to hang with my sister and nephews at the park or on a movies and dinner date. With the switch of shoes from flats to heels depending on how much walking I’ll be doing I will be good to go. P.S this blazer was purchased at THE GOODWILL FOR $4.00.
*Outfit #2 consist of a very vintage looking blazer. The reason I decided to get it is because I love patterns and this one in particular struck me as very unique. I paired that with a plain black ribbed bodysuit, a pair of black skinny pants and a pair of black velvet open toed heels that has gold trimmings on it with a zipper in the front. As an accessory I added a white and gold trimmed watch that I received as a birthday present I think the watch completes the look of the party girl. It has enough going on in it for going out for drinks with the ladies or even a birthday party. You don’t have to have on heels either you could dress it down with some black flats either way it will work. P.S. this blazer was $7.00 at The GoodWill.
*Outfit #3 consists of a black velvet blazer a white v neck t shirt and a pair of olive green skinny pants. For this outfit I wore a pair of black pointy toe ankle booties that has silver studs on the back of the heel. This look is pretty simple the velvet blazer speaks for it self you can wear that thing anywhere, to class, concert,musuem you name it. P.S this blazer was $6.00 at the Goodwill.
AS A SPECIAL BONUS ** I asked my best friend who works in a office setting workplace to show us how she styles her blazers. And she killed it with a number one staple piece the blue blazer a white layered camisole a gray pencil skirt with a slit in the front, as an accessory she paired the outfit with a small sized round clutch perfect for your lip gloss, I.D. and money. Now pair that with the classic brown pumps and you are good to go to work and then out to eat with friends afterwards.
These are just some of the many ways you can style and wear blazers feel free to send me recreations of how you wear your blazers for a chance for your look to be featured on FASHFEIGNLYN’s INSTAGRAM PAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!